A Guide To Dressing To Impress For Date Night

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When you’ve been in a relationship with the same wonderful woman for years, sometimes things can get a little stale. Your time together probably consists of helping with homework, cleaning the house, and doing school runs. The chances are, your relationship isn’t exactly romantic. That’s why putting aside one night each month for date night is a good idea. Date night will give you and your partner some much needed one-on-one time, as well as the chance to be romantic with each other.

To make your significant other feel like you’ve made an effort, it’s crucial that you dress to impress. You know how much time and effort you’d put into dressing for a first date? Well, for date night you need to do the same. What you choose to wear shows your partner how much you care about her, which is why making an effort is so important. To help you ensure your date night attire is just right, here are a few handy tips:


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Dress smart and stylishly

Just like you would for a first date, you want to dress in a way that shows off your body. The ultimate aim of a date, be it with your wife or not, is to see the other person naked. That’s why dressing in clothes that show off your body and put emphasis on your best areas is so important. Obviously, your partner knows what you look like naked, but even so, it’s nice to make an effort.

If you’re in need of some new clothes but don’t know what to buy, don’t panic. Have a browse online to get an idea of the styles that are currently on trend and see whether anything catches your eye. If not, consider using an online personal shopper to help you. Just like an in-store personal shopper, virtual ones take your body size and shape into account and come up with a range of looks for you.

Wear appropriate attire for the place

Make sure that you take into account the place you’re going for your date, when selecting your attire. The last thing you want is to turn up to dinner looking under or overdressed. If it’s a smart place, a shirt and tie is always a safe bet. If you’re going somewhere smart/casual, jeans and a shirt are ideal.

Oh and don’t forget to get your shoes right – women notice shoes. Make sure that the shoes you team with your outfit fit the style and formality of the place you’re having your date. Else your feet will only look out of place.

Be well groomed

An important part of looking good on date night is your grooming. Women are all about the small details, so before your date spend some time grooming. This means trimming your beard, clipping your fingernails and exfoliating your face. It’s also wise to get your haircut if it’s looking a little long and unruly.

The most important thing when it comes to date night is that you look smart and stylish. The aim is to dress in a way that impresses your date, even if she is your long-term partner. There’s something about being well groomed that makes you a lot more appealing, so for date night taking care of the small details is a must.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about dressing for date night.