A Groom’s Guide To Wedding Planning

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Popular opinion seems to be that the majority of a man’s responsibilities are accounted for once the diamond engagement ring is on his bride-to-be’s finger. It seems like the planning of the wedding day itself is left down to the bride and a few of her closest confidants. While you’re  meticulously planning your stag do, your bride is painstakingly organising florists, caterers, and seating plans. It’s your big day too, why wouldn’t you want to get involved with the guest list and the colour schemes, and help alleviate her stress? Here’s a guide to wedding planning, from a man’s perspective.


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Help with the big decisions

They will have the most significant financial impact, and so cause the most stress for your bride. If you can reach a consensus on these issues, your bride will feel like a weight has been lifted as you share the burden. Make sure you keep the date nights going throughout, don’t let the stress of the planning take away from the reason you’re getting married in the first place.

Send the invitations

Once you and your bride have agreed on your guestlist, take it upon yourself to send out the invitations and record RSVPs. Why not visit Pure Invitation for personalised wedding invitations?


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Choose your groomsmen

Fairly quickly after your engagement, you’ll want to choose your groomsmen and your best man. You’ll need all the help you can get for planning your stag do, and they’ll keep you excited when planning gets a bit stressful.

Pick the music

The music of a wedding can make or break the after party. If you’re not paying for a DJ, then you’ll need to create the playlist. Try to keep it a mix of upbeat party tunes and ballads for the inevitable slow dances. Your future wife will love it if you come to her with suggestions for your first dance song. If you’re planning on getting a DJ, then make sure you and your fiancee write a list of requests and a list of banned tunes to hand over.

Write your vows

If you’ve agreed that you will both be saying vows, try to do this without your wife-to-be having to nag you to write them – it’ll show that you’re taking planning seriously and that you’re excited for the wedding day. Start by writing a list of things you love about her, and what you’re excited for in the future, and then flesh it out. You’ll find that once you start it’s not too bad.

Choose your tux

A top tip is to go for classy over trendy and hip – you’ll find your photos look less outdated in years to come if you go for a more timeless style. Make sure you enlist the help of a good tailor to ensure the fit is perfect. As for your groomsmen, consult with your bride on their suits, she might have ideas about how she wants them to coordinate with her bridal party.

Help to plan the honeymoon

This bit’s comparatively easy, as you don’t have to follow any wedding etiquette or formalities, you just choose your destination and go for it. Try to book this way in advance for better deals and peace of mind.

If you follow these simple steps, you should find that taking some of the burdens of wedding planning from your bride allows both of you a bit more room to relax and look forward to the day.