A Dad’s guide to Sport Fashion

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As you’ll no doubt notice from the fact that it has its own section on my blog, football has always been a real passion of mine. It’s great exercise, I love the camaraderie with the lads on my team, and I’ve loved the game ever since I can remember. No matter what sport you’re into though, chances are you’ll like to look good and feel prepared while you play, so it’s essential that you buy the right clothing and equipment for the job. You’ll need outfits that are practical but that also suit your style, so I thought I’d put together a brief guide today on top fashion tips when buying new sporting kits.


Always think practically

First and foremost, most sports will require you to wear things that are light and easy to wear – comfort is the most important thing. For example, when buying jogging bottoms, make sure you pick ones that are elasticated at the end of the leg so that you don’t trip when running around.

Plus, think about whether you play indoor or outdoor; if you play predominantly indoors, the cotton type will be more practical, but if you have an outdoor sport as your hobby, the canvas-type material will give you better ventilation as well as being far more suitable in the rain. There’s a huge variety of sports clothing available these days, so you’ll be spoilt for choice; just make sure you always keep practicality in mind.

Pick up a tracksuit top

I have a lot of different styles of tracksuit top because they’re so versatile. They’re perfect for all weathers, as you can get thicker versions for the winter, or pair it up with a long-sleeved under-shirt. Plus, there’s a great selection available on the market in all sorts of colours and styles, so you’ll usually be able to find something that suits your preferences.

Personally, I prefer the fleece variety of tracksuit tops, and I’ve even taken to wearing them just as casual light jackets because they’re so comfortable. They’ve certainly become a permanent fixture in my sporting wardrobe.

Don’t scrimp and you’ll save yourself an injury

Are you in dire need of some football boots? Are your climbing shoes starting to slip? Are your weight-lifting supports not keeping you upright anymore? Every sport comes with equipment, but it’s important that you spend your money in the right places. Aside from clothing, make sure you don’t scrimp on things that could massively help or improve your performance.

Besides, if you have a sport you’re really passionate about, there’s no harm in thinking long-term about the kinds of injuries you’re likely to have, and how to get a head-start on preventing them by using supportive equipment. I love football so shin pads and a great pair of football boots can give a huge boost to my technique.

I hope you found this post useful – have you bought any good football items recently? I’d love to hear about them, so please leave a comment below.