7 Reasons Why Following Football Is Good For You

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For many people out there, watching football and taking part in large events is just something that people waste their time and energy on. However, watching football has several mental and physical health benefits that should not be ignored. You can follow your favorite team, associate with a player, improve your empathy, and find a safe space among fans and like-minded people. Below you will find a few benefits of having football in your life regularly.

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  1. Understanding Rules

Many parents do struggle with getting their kids to follow rules and understand the purpose behind different behavior norms. The good news is that by watching and following football, your kids will learn to respect the authority of others. They will see that even expensive and rich players will need to obey the rules and they are not above the law when it comes to playing fair. The more you watch football the more familiar you will be with the rules of the game and the risks. You can translate what you learn to your life, so you can master any situation using the same approach or risk taking as football players.

  1. Sense of Belonging

People who follow football and associate with one team will  feel that they belong to a larger group of people, or a community. They are less likely to get disconnected from the real world, and more likely to become outgoing and friendly. They will adopt their behavior and learn a new language of fans, so they feel that they are not alone in life. While some people take football matches too seriously, others simply treat it as a pastime they share with others.

  1. Entertainment

You can’t deny the entertainment value of watching football or any sport. If you are a fan of the Premier League, you will be able to plan your days and add some quality entertainment. While you might not think about switching off and kicking back if you didn’t have football, once you are engaged with the sport, you can plan your week ahead to include socializing, meeting people in your local pub, or having a night in with the lads.

  1. Makes You Want to Get Active

Watching the hard work football players put in each match will make you think about your own fitness and health more, too. If you find yourself watching the team perform well and admire the stamina of the players, you might develop a desire to get better at football or other sports. Once you have a role model, you can follow them and learn more about their exercise routine and diet.

  1. Happiness Hormones

It is a proven fact that watching sports releases happiness hormones. You will be able to improve your mental health and wellbeing. The rise and fall in your blood pressure and pulse when there is action on the court will help you release stress and replace stress hormones with happiness ones. If you know that you don’t have anything else to do for 1.5 hours but focus on the match, you will clear your schedule and switch off. Eliminating the frustration from your life for a short period of time will have loads of benefits for your mental health.

  1. Discovering Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Football and taking part in events will also teach you a lot about yourself. You might be following the Premier League smart stats and predict each team’s future position. Whether you are watching a particular team or player, you can associate with their behaviour and compare your actions with them. You will accept that people do sometimes make the wrong choice, and this means that you are allowed to make mistakes, too. You can discover your strengths when you predict the other team’s reaction, or your weaknesses when you don’t assess the situation accurately.

  1. Sharing the Success and the Pain

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When you become committed to football or a particular team, you will follow their success and their failures. If you are looking to improve your empathy and get connected with other individuals, as well as a cause, you might want to follow football. You can get emotionally attached to a team or a manager, and try to understand how they make decisions, behave, and experience success or failure.

Watching football and following a particular team is not simply a passtime. It can develop into a habit and a passion. You can learn a lot about people, management styles, and behaviors, feel like you belong to a larger community, and share the joy and pain of the team.