5 Things Your Child Needs Before Starting Uni


In the months before your child leaves for university, they will be feeling a mix of emotions. They’ll be very excited about starting out on their own in the big wide world, but they could also be feeling nervous. Having to be independent and living without your family for the first time can be a scary prospect! However, there are many ways you can help them transition to university. Here are five simple ways to help them out and calm their nerves in the run-up.

5 Things Your Child Needs Before Starting Uni

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Encourage Them To Save

University can be very expensive, especially if your child is moving away. They will need to pay for tuition fees, accommodation and general living expenses. There are lots of loans and grants available to help students out. But you can also help your son or daughter by encouraging them to save some money before they leave. If they have a weekend job, they should ideally be saving part of their wages. Another great idea is to gift them some money for their birthday or Christmas.

Organise A Mobile Plan

When your son or daughter moves out, you’ll want to keep in touch so you know they’re doing okay. They will no doubt have a mobile phone already, but it’s a good idea to get them on an affordable contract so they can afford to call you as often as they like. Take some time with your son or daughter to compare mobile contracts and find the best deal for them.

Text Books

Your child will need to buy textbooks for their cause. Unlike schools, universities do not supply all the required textbooks for courses. Make sure your son or daughter is well prepared to start their lectures by ensuring they have all their necessary books. Sometimes, a university won’t let their students know which books they need until they begin their course. If this is the case with your child’s, remind them a week or so into their course that they need to buy books.


One of the most important things to organise before the start of the semester is accommodation. If you have the chance, visit the different accommodation options with your son or daughter. Many universities offer both catered and self-catered halls of residences. You can expect slightly more for catered options, but this means you know your child will be eating three square meals each day!


Insurance is also very important, as students are often the target of burglaries. Make sure that their new accommodation is covered with contents insurance to protect all their belongings. There are many different insurers and policies for students out there, so you may have to shop around a bit. If your child is taking very expensive items with them, these should be insured separately. Think about getting these insured individually on separate policies.

If you get your son or daughter ready with these five things, you can be sure that their move to uni will be less stressful than they had intended!