5 Stylish Ways To Display Art In Your Home

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We definitely need art in our lives. Imagine a day in which you drive to work, but there is no music on the radio. You come home from work, but there are no movies or TV shows to watch and relax. You sit down in your living room or kitchen, but there are no paintings or drawings, no little sculptures of figurines or anything artistic in any way, not even cute little magnets on your fridge. Sounds horrible, right? We need art because it makes everything beautiful and more pleasant. It creates an atmosphere or tranquility and coziness, and it transforms our homes into truly enjoyable places. Unfortunately, more often than not we can find ourselves unable to decide how to incorporate art into our living space. So, if you’ve recently got an artistic birthday present and you’re not sure what to do with it, here are some ideas to help you decide.

1. Hang it on a wall

The first thing that we think about when we talk about art is the idea of a picture hanging on a wall. It’s an oldie but goodie, so long as you think them through beforehand. There are several things to consider, first and foremost being the fact that you’ll be drilling a hole in your wall. You need to plan well, so that you don’t regret ruining your wall later. Next, make sure to hang the picture at about eye level, not higher. See how well it fits with the rest of the room, and account for the changes you know you’ll be making in the following period. Avoid common mistakes such as letting the picture rest immediately next to the wall (it helps the development of mold), or using adhesive hooks.

2. Shelves

For an air of careless, casual elegance, you can opt for displaying your art on a bookshelf. It’s an interesting idea since shelves can hold both paintings and drawings, and figurines and other decorative pieces. You can combine them however it pleases you, and you can shift them around whenever you want. It’s a perfect solution for all of you who like to change the aesthetics of your home often, or simply have difficulties making up your mind.

3. Screens

If you like the way paintings look on a wall, but don’t really want to drill a bunch of holes just yet, the answer is screens. There are many great options with portable partition solutions which can be used to separate a room into two parts, or can work as a display for some beautiful pieces of art. The fantastic thing about this idea is that it is movable, so you get all the freedom of an art shelf, with all the beauty of a gallery wall! You can experiment with colors of the screen, or you simply find one that matches the colors of your walls perfectly. There are many options with screens, so try it out if you have the chance.

4. Size

Size matters. If you have some nooks and crannies that you’d like to use to their full potential, small pictures organized into a vertical line could do the trick for you. On the other hand, if there are large walls to be decorated, you may find that larger works of art are suitable. Make sure the size of paintings or photographs you want to use fit well with the size of the background. If there is a beautiful big watercolor landscape you just can’t take your mind off, make a point of pairing it up with a similarly large room. If the sizes don’t match, the complete impression will be somewhat messy or overbearing, and nobody wants that, wouldn’t you agree? However, that doesn’t mean that you can experiment with combining different sizes if there is enough space for that. See what works best for your unique space.

5. Number

Similarly to the question of size, the number of art pieces will also depend on the space you mean to decorate. Composition pieces can be wonderful, or you can combine unrelated pieces if you think they look gorgeous together. The only thing to worry about when it comes to this is overcrowding. So don’t go overboard and remember that sometimes less is more.

Art is beautiful and it can really bring out the best of any home. Have fun with it and don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor!