5 Sports Even Non-Sports Fans Can Enjoy!

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As a sports fan, I just hate it when I can’t get my closest friends involved in my favourite pastimes. It’s a huge shame, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy sports together to some degree. There are a few sports out there that anyone can enjoy, even if they’re not all that fussed about them in the long term.

I know you’ve been in my position before. Everyone has! So, I’ve got the perfect five sports for you that you and your non-sports friends will have a blast with.


Gymnastics Picture


There’s something about the skill level of gymnastics that appeals to pretty much anyone on the planet. Even if you’re not that big of a fan of people twizzling in the air, the sheer spectacle of it is undoubtedly impressive. It’s not that other sports don’t require incredible feats of skill, but this one is more of a visual spectacle. You might not be interested in watching it for years down the line, but a one-off event is a marvel to witness.

Pro Wrestling

Uh-oh. Did this article just claim pro wrestling is a sport? Whatever you think of pro wrestling brands like WWE, it’s hard to doubt the entertainment value they provide. That’s the whole point of them! It’s actually marketed as sports entertainment by the biggest pro wrestling company in the world. Non-sports fans might not understand the appeal of it, but they’re bound to be hooked by the spectacle of it all.


Horse Racing Picture

Horse Racing

Racing, in general, isn’t for everyone. Motorsports are often contested over long periods of time, and they have a tendency to become dull in some cases. Horse racing is rarely dull because races don’t last long and there’s always twists and turns along the way. That’s not to mention the sheer impressive nature of horses galloping at full speed. If that doesn’t do it for you, a few tips from a professional horse racing tipster might just spark your interest.


Again, skateboarding is one of those sports that not everyone follows religiously but appreciates when they see it. It’s hard not to be impressed by skateboarders who can pull off incredible tricks in the air. We all know how tough skateboarding can be – most of us can’t even stand upright on a board! Whether it’s watching or getting involved, skateboarding is definitely something that anyone can enjoy.


eSports Picture


Alright, so let’s say they really don’t like sports. That’s it – your friend will never be a fan of sports, right? Not necessarily. There’s a new fad going around called eSports. These are video game contests that sometimes draw thousands of viewers in big stadiums. If you know someone who just can’t get enough of their games, they’re bound to be interested by this. Who knows, they might even be good enough at a game to make money out of it? You’ll definitely want to be their friend then!

We want to hear your stories. Have you discovered a sport you unexpectedly love? Have you convinced a friend to fall in love with your chosen sport? Let us know!