4 Gadgets That Can Change Your Life for the Better

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Life today is probably more complicated than ever before for the average person. Our jobs typically involve far more disparate elements than they once did, and we have to be constantly on our feet and alert at the prospect of being displaced by a sudden and dramatic upheaval in the job market or economy.

Image via Pixabay

And it’s not just our professional lives which can seem confusing, either. Social media has put us in a situation where we’re constantly connected to our friends and acquaintances, to the extent that we are more mindful of our social presentation than perhaps we ever were before, too.

Even relaxing in your bed, in your pyjamas, can cause a certain degree of social angst, when you check Facebook on your phone and see that some of your other friends are on vacation in an exotic locale.

But, of course, for all the potential anxiety that our more tech-rich world may contribute to, that very tech also enriches our lives in innumerable ways. We are now freer than we’ve ever been to explore the wisdom of the ages, with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. We can start our own businesses online. Even our health can be improved by various apps and gadgets.

So, if you’re in a bit of a rut in any given area of your life, or at the very least feel that you could be in a much more favourable position than you’re currently in, here are some gadgets that can change your life for the better.

Electric vehicles for fields and large properties

If you run a business that involves managing large areas of open space, and especially if you run a business that involves giving the public access to those large areas of space, and keeping an eye on them, you’d be in for a hard time if you wanted to do it all by foot.

It’s all too likely that you’d find yourself jogging from place to place, all day, wasting dramatic amounts of time, and failing to properly attend to the specific nuances of your job.

Similar problems can occur if you live on a farm, or in an otherwise rural area that requires you to cross large expanses of space throughout the day, without being able to rely on pollution-heavy vehicles such as cars to get around.

Luckily, modern technology has your back, with a range of light, energy-efficient, and tasteful electric vehicles that can allow you to be constantly on the move, throughout the day, in style. If you run an operation such as a golf course, and a customer falls ill or has an accident and needs immediate medical attention, what can you do in order to help them out in a hurry?

Well, the whole problem is certainly much more manageable if you happen to have an electric ambulance at hand.

Wearable fitness trackers

On the one hand, many of us denizens of the 21st Century are far less active than our grandparents, or even our parents, were, as a result of the fact that technology allows us to sit in one chair, all day, and attend to both our work, and our leisure pursuits, while hardly ever having to get up for any reason at all.

Whether you’re a customer service representative at a call centre, the head of an SEO company, or an avid video-gamer, you probably live a pretty sedentary lifestyle.

Ironically, it looks like new developments in technology may save the day in this regard, with wearable devices from companies such as Fitbit and Garmin helping you to track your activity levels during the day, adjust them accordingly, as circumstances dictate, and break the cycle of chronic sitting around.

The newer generation of Fitbits and similar apps can track the number of steps you take in a day, the distance you cover, your heart rate, and can do a good job of calculating the number of hours you’ve slept, and the number of calories you’ve burned throughout the day.

Many of these devices are also able to give you reminders to move throughout the day — such as reminding you every hour to get a certain number of steps in, in order to avoid being too sedentary, and some can even rouse you from slumber with quiet, vibrating alarms.

Electric standing and treadmill desks

Following on from the theme of being too sedentary throughout the day, research has indicated that even the gm-fanatics among us may not get a free pass if they spend too long glued to their seats from Monday to Friday.

It seems that, in order to break free from the various negative health consequences of too much sitting — including a higher risk of death from all causes, poorer blood sugar control, a higher likelihood of cardiovascular disorders, and so on — we really need to move around regularly throughout the day.

Enter the electric standing and treadmill desk, potentially set to be remembered as one of the great health and wellness innovations of the century, which allows you to adjust your desk from a standard “sitting” to a more active “standing” height at the touch of a button.

What’s more — various higher-end standing desks even have built-in treadmills, meaning that when “standing”, you can also be walking, all without having to break concentration from your work.

These devices may take some getting used to, but if you do at least a bit more standing and walking each day as a result of them, expect your quality of life to improve quite dramatically.

HEPA air purifiers

One of the downsides of living in tech-saturated environments, is that many of our beloved household gadgets pollute the air through various suspect and undesirable emissions.

Combine this with mould spores and pet dander, and the air in our homes and offices can become outright toxic. In fact, many people suffer from health conditions attributable to “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Portable HEPA air purifiers can remove these pathogens and irritants from the air, and allow us to thrive.