4 Easter Traditions to Start with Your Kids

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Easter is a lovely time to spend with the family, have a bit of fun and appreciate being together. From family feasts and Easter egg hunts to baking and crafts, there are plenty of activities you can all enjoy. The combination of crafts, digging around in the garden and family baking can create a bit of a mess, but don’t worry – you can always clean up the paint splatters, wipe down the flour spills and get the grass stains out later. It’s all about having fun and interacting, so let’s take a closer look at four Easter traditions you’ll love creating with your family.


  • Family Easter lunch


One of the great things about Easter is the Bank Holiday weekend; a weekend that many of us have off work. That makes it the ideal time to gather your family together for an Easter feast. The kids (and you!) will love seeing the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Think about making family-style food that everyone can share and tuck into together, play a few games around the table and enjoy the interaction. Once it’s been successful it’s a tradition you can all enjoy together every year. Maybe pass the hosting on to another family member each time.


  • Easter egg hunt


Without doubt one of the most fun Easter games you can play with your kids is to go on an Easter egg scavenger hunt. Not only are you getting the kids active, you can tap into their inquisitive side too by setting clues, rather than just going on a wild hunt. Make a plan, design a route and place your clues around the home and garden. It’s a great idea to draw up a treasure map too if you’re feeling creative – that will take the choccy hunt to a different level. The kids will have great fun scurrying around getting dirty in the garden. You needn’t worry about messy clothes, as once you know how to get grass stains out it’s easy to do.


  • Baking together


We all tend to have a little more free time around Easter, so we can spend some of that time baking together. And what better baking is there than creating sweet treats? Depending on the age of your kids you can be as ambitious as you like and involve them as much as possible. This is a great time to teach them about how recipes come together and how the wonders of simple ingredients like eggs, flour and sugar can create such tasty treats. Chocolate cornflake “nests” with egg-shaped mini chocs, Easter-themed cupcakes and, of course, hot cross buns are all favourites, are easy to make and are loved by kids.


  • Egg painting


Another great way of celebrating Easter together is being a little crafty. In this case, decorating eggs with faces and patterns. You could even create an entire scene if you’re feeling that creative. You could use real eggs or shells if you like, but they won’t last very long. Alternatively it’s easy to find cheap wooden or polystyrene eggs that are ideal for painting. Just like you’ll want to know how to get grass stains out as a result of a messy Easter egg hunt, it’s very wise to cover clothing, floors and tables when you’re painting eggs. Always be on the alert when kids have the chance to get messy!

That’s four fun, creative and interactive ways you can celebrate Easter with your family. Why not start making them a yearly tradition? Enjoy!