4 Alternative Gifts For Your Kids This Christmas

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Are you sick of the sight of toys? Perhaps your kids already have too many toys, or you’re starting to question whether one day of the year really warrants spending an absolute fortune on things that probably won’t get used all that much anyway.

Photo credit: Pexels

Below, we have 4 alternative gift ideas for your kids this Christmas. Take a look and see what you can get!

  1. Books

Books are so beneficial for kids. They can help them with listening, speaking, reading skills and more. Getting your kids into reading from a young age can help them at school and have plenty of other benefits. A child can never have too many books!

  1. A Day Out

Why not go on a trip with your kids? You could treat them to a day out at the cinema with lots of treats, go to a theme park, or visit somewhere you’ve never been before.

  1. A Musical Instrument

A musical instrument could give your child a useful and fun hobby for life!

  1. A Magazine Subscription

There are magazines for all hobbies and interests; knitting, history, nature – whatever your child likes, there’s a magazine they can use to learn more about it.

Buying a few toys for your kids is OK, sure, but think about it; is this something your child is really going to get enough use out of? Does it warrant the spend? Many toys get thrown to one side and never played with after Christmas is over. You’d be shocked to learn how much is actually spent on toys too – check out the infographic below!

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