3 Reasons You Should Start Playing Table Tennis

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It’s recommended that everyone takes part in some sort of sporting activity. For a lot of people, they think this means going outdoors and playing football or rugby. But, there are loads of cool sports out there that can be just as enjoyable and beneficial. Today, I’m going to talk about a sport that’s growing in popularity; table tennis. Table tennis has long been underestimated by people all over the world. While loads of people flock to tennis courts each summer, hardly anyone plays table tennis. Mainly, this is because they don’t realise how cool and awesome it is. In this piece, I’ll give you some top reasons why you should start playing table tennis:


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It’s An All-Weather Sport

One of the main benefits of table tennis is that it’s played indoors. As such, it’s a sport you can play in all weather conditions. It could be pouring with rain outside, and it won’t make a difference to you. You’ll be safely inside and get a great workout in by playing table tennis. Also, when it is sunny, table tennis tables are easy to wheel outdoors. So, you can set one up outside and enjoy the fresh air while you play.

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Equipment Is Easily Available

A lot of people play this sport because it’s easy to get the equipment. You can buy tables and bats from a lot of sporting stores. Or, you can look for table tennis hire companies and rent them. The best thing is, you don’t need a huge amount of room either. And, they don’t require a lot of maintenance, so it’s a simple sport to get into.


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Fantastic For Cardio Workouts

A little-known fact about table tennis is that it’s great for cardio workouts. People look at it as a leisure activity. They think that people play it for fun, rather than for a workout. However, you can get in a great cardio workout from playing this sport. In general, a competitive match will leave you sweating and gasping for air. It’s a fast paced sport, and you are constantly reacting and moving around. But, there are other games you can play that will increase the intensity. For example, rally up some friends and play something called ‘around the world’ table tennis. This is where you have a group of people all playing at the same time. Typically, you need upwards of three players to start this game. To explain it, I’ll use an example with for people taking part. Start with two people at each side of the table; one lined up behind the other. Someone starts the game by serving to the opposite side like you would any other table tennis match. Then, after they serve, they run around to the other side of the table. By now, the returner has hit their shot, and they’ve run around to their opposite side too. And, you keep doing this with everyone running around the table after they hit the ball. It adds an extra element to the sport and is a great way to have a fun cardio workout.

If you’re looking for an interesting sport to start playing, then table tennis is the one for you!