3 Reasons Land Rovers Are Such Great Family Cars

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Finding a family car can be a hard decision to make. There’s so much you have to look for, it’s way harder than buying a car for yourself. How do you find the perfect car for your family? Well, narrowing down your search can make things easier, that’s for sure. So, today, I’m going to save you a lot of searching time, and tell you why you should get a Land Rover as your family car:


Incredibly Spacious

If you’re writing a checklist for a family car, one of the things you’ll look for is space. The amount of space a car has is very important, especially if you have a big family. When you have three or more kids, you need a car with enough seats to accommodate them. This is where Land Rovers come into their own. They’re the ultimate spacious cars for families to enjoy. Unlike a lot of big saloons or hatchbacks, they’re tall as well as wide and long. This means there’s plenty of head and legroom, and the kids won’t be squeezed together in the back seat.

To go along with this, they also have huge boots. So, when you’re going on that big family shop, you can fit all your bags in with ease. It makes life so much easier, especially if you’re used to cramming things in a small care. If space is what you’re after, then Land Rovers are the best in the biz.

Great Value For Money

Some of you may be shocked by this, but Land Rovers are great value for money. I base this on the amount of stuff you get for the price. These cars all come packed full of cool and useful technology. Plus, they’re big family cars too, so you’re getting a lot of vehicle for what you pay. There are some tiny two door cars that cost as much as a Land Rover; it’s mental. Furthermore, a lot of people claim they’re expensive because they look at the price of a new one. Of course, a brand new one is going to cost a lot; every new car costs a lot! But, some used Land Rovers are going for incredible prices. And, there are places like Hunters Land Rover that offer finance options on these cars. That makes them even more affordable for families.

I always think that a family car should be an investment. For me, Land Rovers are the best investment around. They’re ahead of their time, so, even an old one can feel quite modern. You get more bang for your buck than you do with a lot of cheaper cars.

Fantastically Safe

Another plus point is that Land Rovers happen to be very safe cars. To the naked eye, they look like great big beasts. They seem very sturdy, and you think it will take a lot to damage one. And, the truth is, they’re just as safe as the seem. The majority of these cars will score a five-star Euro NCAP rating, which is the best you can get. It all comes from the way they’re built. Land Rovers are traditionally very robust cars. If you’re a Top Gear fan (old Top Gear not that weird new one), you may remember that one episode with the old Land Rover? They took it all over the shop, and it didn’t take much damage at all, it was incredible. Over the years, the manufacturer has worked to maintain this sheer resilience in its cars. If I were ever to get in a slight crash, a Land Rover would be my car of choice.

Also, they’re packed full of great safety features. There are dual airbags in the front seats of every Land Rover car. Some of the newer versions also come with lots of other cool things to help you on the roads too. There’s a parking assist feature that makes it easier and safer for you to do those tricky parking maneuvers. Plus, a blind spot monitoring feature that tells you when vehicles are approaching from the sides. To make the cars even safer, Land Rover has an emergency braking system in place for newer models too. This system detects when a collision is oncoming, and will apply the brakes for you. By doing this, it can potentially save you and your family’s life! As you can see, a safe car, packed with extra safety tech for good measure.

Land Rovers have so many great things about them that make them perfect for families. If you want a safe and practical car, that’s good value for money; then Land Rovers are your best bet.