1996: An Unforgettable Summer – #awdreamsummer

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I was asked recently about my most memorable Summer and I have to say that one in particular really stood out for me. The Summer of 1996.

I was seventeen years old and had passed my driving test and so I had my first car, a rather stylish Mk1 Ford Fiesta and with it, Independence! I could finally venture out either on my own or with friends without having to rely on lifts from my Dad or public transport.

I also met and fell madly in love with my first “serious” girlfriend and we had a date at the cinema to watch Romeo and Juliet. I remember spending most of the time just watching my girlfriend who looked absolutely beautiful in that dimly lit cinema. I am not saying for one moment that a dimly lit cinema aided her in looking beautiful, I just mean that I was so head over heels in love with this girl that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The girl in question is now my wife and we have two amazing Son’s and I still find her as beautiful, if not more so, today than all those years ago.

The fun didn’t end there. England were in Euro 96 and playing some great football. There were many house parties, BBQ’s and I remember us going crazy during the Scotland game where Gazza scored that incredible goal and celebrated with the infamous “Dentist’s Chair”.

I also had a ticket for Oasis at Knebworth which, even now, tops all concerts I have ever been to. The atmosphere was electric, there was a real buzz and everyone was caught up in what was known as BritPop and Blur v Oasis. I remember the Prodigy supported and they were incredible also. It really was one amazing Summer!

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Summer 1996
Summer 1996