10 Fun Things To Do With Your Children This Weekend

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Lots of parents work all day, and when they get home, they only have a few hours with their children before it’s bedtime. Reading stories to your children is a special thing that is one of the greatest pleasures when they are young. Research conducted in the United States of America has found that it helps develop the part of the brain that children use for mental imagery and understanding narrative. MRI scans were used to demonstrate the effect itself. However, finding time to spend with your children can be difficult and if your work schedule does not correspond that well with their day to day life, you can soon find yourself missing them. Besides, you may be tired when you get back and not at your best. That is why it is so important to make time with them on the weekend. Every kid looks forward to the end of the school week, just as adults yearn for 5 PM on a Friday. When you know that you are going to be doing something that both you and your children enjoy, it is even better. The only problem is thinking of something to do. While it is not always feasible to take your kids out all the time (the money alone soon builds up), there are lots of fun activities that will not cost the earth and which you can both enjoy. Here are ten that you may want to consider suggesting (that way, your child will look forward to it all week):

  1. Taking your child to a sporting event is a lot of fun. Cheering for the same team gives you something in common and if it encourages them to take up a sport, that is good too.
  2. The library may sound boring to a lot of kids, but if you tell them about how they can have any book they want, whether it is about an adventure, or dinosaurs, or football, they may be more interested, especially if they get to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge.
  3. Driving is an adult thing, but you can share it with them at a place like Lakeside Karting. They will have to learn at some point anyway.
  4. An aquarium is a great place to take kids, not least because it is fascinating, but because they can learn about nature too.
  5. The UK is rich in natural beauty and you can share it with your children at National Trust sites around the country.
  6. Take them to the theatre. Lots of places have shows for children, such as the RSC which hosts events all year round.
  7. Go camping in the garden. It is safe and a lot of fun. You could roast marshmallows and teach them about astronomy.
  8. The beach is always a good bet, and with summer coming up, it could be a perfect getaway.
  9. Go to a music festival. There are so many to choose from that it will be hard to decide.
  10. Ask them what they want to do. They may just want to hang out at home which can be good too. After all, school can be tiring.