10 Easy Steps for a Safer Family Home

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Being robbed is devastating, and sadly it happens all too often. It’s not just the theft or damage. Sometimes the psychological effects are deep and painful. Your family home is your sanctuary and keeping yourself, and your family safe should be a priority. It makes sense to ensure that your home is a safe place and deter opportunistic thieves. Taking these ten basic steps can make your home up to 80% less likely to be a target.

  1. Make your house look occupied at all times. That means using automatic light timers that can give the impression that you are at home. Timers can be set to alter the frequency of lights and even the TV and radio. You can even leave a pair of shoes by the front door.

  2. Your kids will love you for this one. Get a dog! The police confirm this – a dog is a real deterrent.

10 Easy Steps for a Safer Family Home

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  1. Take a look around your house outside.  Do you keep garden tools locked away? Where is your ladder? Why give a thief a helping hand?  Before you tidy away the tools, however, trim those hedges and cut back bushes. Leave no hiding place!  It’s a sad fact that those high fences we sometimes put in to give us privacy, don’t help our security.

  2. Your neighbours are your best friends and if they aren’t, go on a charm offensive immediately. Win them over and you’ll have the best, most attentive security guard that you’ll never have to pay. Ask them to empty your letter box when you are away on holiday and invite them to park in your drive. Just make sure you offer to do the same when they are away.

  3. Both doors and windows are a way into your property. All of them. Yale locks are not security devices – they are closing mechanisms. Invest in hardwood solid doors with deadbolts. Fit locks to windows that potential burglars can see. Ensure that no one can see through your windows, and if your keys are visible, hide them. To be extra safe, take them with you.

  4. Get a burglar alarm. It’s a solid statistic that having one of these devices puts burglars off big time. There are some hi-tech versions that give you real security and control.

  5. Ensure your path and driveway is well lit. Coming home in the dark is unnerving enough without providing a shady haven for a would-be intruder. Install motion sensor lights – they are amazingly useful.

  6. Never announce your impending departure on social media. It’s like handing out an invitation for invasion.

  7. Place wood or metal bars on the bottom track of all sliding doors and windows. It’s amazing how difficult they will be to open.

  8. Lastly, put your newspaper on hold and ensure that everything is secure. Leave your keys with the neighbours and don’t, whatever you do, leave that spare key in a secure hiding place that is obvious to a thief.

Leave your house secure and give yourself the peace of mind, knowing that you have done everything possible to ensure that your home and family are safe and happy.