Indonesia: Does It Cater For Everyone?

Travel & Holiday

It’s one of the perils of a family vacation, finding something that appeals to everyone equally. This is never easy to come by, but one of the first things that usually is a crowd pleaser is the weather. If you spend most of your time living in a wet, windy, and miserable country, you need […]

Preparation Is Key: How To Ensure Your Family Vacation Is Enjoyable

Travel & Holiday

Preparing properly before your holiday is the only way to ensure that is it a smooth and enjoyable experience, and that doesn’t mean making sure that you look fabulous in your new bikini. What that means is preparing for every eventuality so that you aren’t caught off-guard and your holiday gets ruined. Below are three […]

A Tip for Men of All Ages: When You Lookin’ Good, You Be Feelin’ Better!

Fashion Gifts

As a wise man once said: if you lookin’ good, you feelin’ good; if you feelin’ good, you get good results. So, if you want to feel good and reap the successful results of doing so, then you have to feel in your heart of hearts that you’re looking good. And, the only want to […]

All The Style Tips Your Father Should Have Taught You

Fashion Fatherhood

When I look back at all the useful and practical things that my father taught me, there is definitely one important thing that stands out: his sense of style and fashion. Every man should pass down his main style tips to his son as most of the best fashion ideas and trends are timeless and […]

Make Your Job The Talking Point Of The Dinner Party

Jobs & Careers

If you love being unique and have always prided yourself on being individual and a little bit kooky, the chances are that you won’t want to succumb to the normal 9 – 5. You don’t ache to be working in an office or sitting behind a desk, filing reports or sending emails or organising meetings. […]

Give Your Home Business a Boost With These Three Strategies

Jobs & Careers Technology

Getting your small business off the ground is no mean feat, thanks to the accessibility of the internet the market is packed to the brim with new businesses. While this is great for the consumer, it can be difficult for you as a business owner since competition is tough. However, there are some things you […]

Giving Your Home Office The Gift of Time

Home & Garden Jobs & Careers

Somehow, time seems to move a lot faster when you work from home. It can be both a blessing and a curse; sure, your day flies by, but you’re also stuck in the endless rut of sleeping and working, managing your own kind of cabin fever, and hoping your household will give you a few […]

Some Thoughts On Reigniting Your Passion For Sports

Health & Wellbeing Sport

If you once loved sports but now find yourself “busy” with life and all the stresses that come with it then you’ve not really fallen out of love with sports. Okay, some people just aren’t into watching or playing athletic games, but if you once had a passion for that world then you shouldn’t just […]

How to teach your children about finance

Fatherhood Insurance

Understanding how finances work is an essential life skill that will help shape your child’s future and set them up for success. Teaching children about money early-on will cultivate a positive attitude towards saving and a mindful approach when spending. Image credit Recent research from Aviva Insurance revealed that 43% of UK adults say they’re […]

Football Mad: Is It Such A Bad Thing?

Football Health & Wellbeing

If you’re a football fan, then you may have been referred to as ‘football mad’ at some point in your life. Maybe your mother said it and shook her head when you went out to play with your friends. Is it really such a bad thing to be mad about football? Maybe you’ve cried when […]